How do We Preserve our Children’s Souls

Okay, so we’ve pretty much lost ours. Our country has been spiralling downward into a cesspool of evil our entire lives, but it seems unlikely that it has ever been worse than now, and does not seem that it will get any better any time soon. So what do we do? The people behind us made the mistake of going to the barricades and then when victory hung bloody in their jaws, they retreated. They retreated. Thus, the enemy arose far stronger, and perhaps even more evil, than before. On a smouldering mound of the corpses of our brothers and sisters, our enemies’ victims, we may yet cling to some sort of narrow victory by our very fingernails, perhaps missing a limb or an eye. There is still, still much fighting to be done. And not simply the rhetorical armchair fighting by sycophantic sandwich-eating internet hogs such as yours truly, but actual fighting by actual fighters who believe as we do that the purpose of human beings on this earth is not to rape it and each other, but to coexist. Simply to coexist. But we must not make the mistake of retreating into our very own “me decade” like they did. We must behead the demon, fill its fanged mouth with garlic, drive a wooden stake through its heart, and bury it in a sarcophagus of solid marble. And then drop it down the shaft of an abandoned copper mine and seal it off with a bunker buster. We must make the very idea, the very whiff of the idea of our enemies’ ideology to be so repellent that future generations will flay themselves to avoid being tarred with the epithet “neoconservative”. How is that done? Go back to the archives and observe how they did the very same thing to the word “liberal”.

What Claims could You Have from a Rented Car?

It is always good to know your rights no matter the case you're in, more important or not, because only this way you can receive what you deserve against the amount you pay for certain goods or services. The same think happens when you rent a car. You have certain rights on the car and you can benefit from very many advantages if you know about their existence, so that you ask for them. When you call on a rent a car Bucharest company or in any other city in the country, firstly you have the right to receive a car that is in an flawless condition against the price you for it. The car should not be hit, all the signals should work, it should have tyres appropriate for the relevant season, it should be clean and with all due documents up to day. Besides these, that the rent-a-car companies are bound to provide you, you can also ask for additional facilities that should exist on the car delivered to you. 

These are optional and most of the companies do not have them available, but, because there are companies that can provide them, you should not satisfy yourself with less. Therefore, on a leased car you can ask for snow chains if you'll travel in the winter on long or difficult roads. When the weather forecast changes from one minute to another, it is good to ensure to you'll be able to travel under any conditions. The car chair for children is another one of the additional facilities that you can benefit from to be able to carry your child completely safe. The GPS is an important item that could be made available to you when you rent the car to be able to easily reach your destination, even more if the city or country that you're about to drive to is unfamiliar to you. Hence, this is how from a simple rented car you can reach to a fully endowed one, secure and comfortable, by just becoming aware of the availability of these services in the offers of some of the rent-a-car big companies.