How do We Preserve our Children’s Souls

Okay, so we’ve pretty much lost ours. Our country has been spiralling downward into a cesspool of evil our entire lives, but it seems unlikely that it has ever been worse than now, and does not seem that it will get any better any time soon. So what do we do? The people behind us made the mistake of going to the barricades and then when victory hung bloody in their jaws, they retreated. They retreated. Thus, the enemy arose far stronger, and perhaps even more evil, than before. On a smouldering mound of the corpses of our brothers and sisters, our enemies’ victims, we may yet cling to some sort of narrow victory by our very fingernails, perhaps missing a limb or an eye. There is still, still much fighting to be done. And not simply the rhetorical armchair fighting by sycophantic sandwich-eating internet hogs such as yours truly, but actual fighting by actual fighters who believe as we do that the purpose of human beings on this earth is not to rape it and each other, but to coexist. Simply to coexist. But we must not make the mistake of retreating into our very own “me decade” like they did. We must behead the demon, fill its fanged mouth with garlic, drive a wooden stake through its heart, and bury it in a sarcophagus of solid marble. And then drop it down the shaft of an abandoned copper mine and seal it off with a bunker buster. We must make the very idea, the very whiff of the idea of our enemies’ ideology to be so repellent that future generations will flay themselves to avoid being tarred with the epithet “neoconservative”. How is that done? Go back to the archives and observe how they did the very same thing to the word “liberal”.