Balancing Act

Dog rescue is a very tricky balancing act. You have to balance work, family, life and then the rescue. The only problem is rescue is so much work and time that other things get pushed aside. Like the Christmas tree that is still up in my front room! Ornaments are off and have been for 2 weeks but tree is still up... ooops! I did get everything else Christmas put away almost immediately! Which reminds me I can probably get my few Valentine's Day stuff out! Hmmm wonder when I am going to have time for that. The Pits I took in are doing wonderfully. They are very good dogs and I really have no concerns about them what so ever. They are ready to start a new life in a home with a family and be the center of someone's world. I have them off the leash trained, almost totally crate trained, working on come and sit but doing very well with that. They poop outside every time but peeing we do have accidents even though I watch them like a hawk. Stairs forget it! Scary scary scary. We will keep working on those. 

Wishbone was afraid of them too for a long time now he runs up and down them like they are nothing. Last night I was showing Freedom how to do the stairs. Omg, so funny he was gripping with his front toes like he was holding on for dear life. I just carry him down, he isn't going anywhere near that hole in the floor so I have to pick up his nearly 40 pound body and carry him down. He still has about 4 or 10 pounds he needs to gain so he better figure it out quick b/c soon he will weigh 1/2 as much as me and I am not carrying him then! I took in another JRT today. I totally don't have room nor should I have taken him. I just don't want another dog but he was getting put down tomorrow. Ugh! What I was supposed to do. Nice doggie see you in the after life? No! So he is in my. He smells so bad. First thing I am going to do when I get home is give him a bath. Gross! Well I am off to a dentist appointment that I really don't have time for b/c work is kicking my butt but oh well. Balancing act continues.