Careful What you Wish For

A sexy, whimsical debut featuring the hunky genie of one single mom's dreams... Back in her tiny hometown with a new baby to care for, successful attorney Ravine Patton thought her life had gone up in smoke. Then her Diaper Genie went haywire, and out popped a handsome pilot who'd been trapped inside. Gene-who, it turns out, is her genie-has granted her three wishes. Lucky Ravine now has the gorgeous hunk scrubbing her entire house. But it isn't long before she starts falling for Gene, which means big trouble. Because once her third wish is fulfilled, he'll vanish from her life forever. And Ravine realizes she's going to have to be very careful about what she wishes for next. I'd really wanna have my own Genie in a Bottle after reading this. 

This is a story about a lawyer-mother with a baby; the father was missing in action or should I say, he preferred to be in the shadows. In her struggle with being a single mom, she's having a hard time finding a  husband. One day, she ends up with a genie and he grants her 3 wishes. On her last wish, she has to chose between her mother's life, or her love for the genie. She chooses her mother's life,and loses the genie. It would take her years before she could wish again. What's wonderful with the story is, she would be able to settle to a happy marriage soon. But with whom? This is a fun, light read and although the characters are kinda whimsical, you get a good feeling after realizing what you really wanted and wished for has been granted. Definitely a feel-good story. My rating for this book: is 4 out of 5!

Wolves, Cormorants & Condors

It's not easy saving the earth and its inhabitants. What happens when cormorants, protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act eat salmon and steelhead protected by the Endangered Species Act? The Oregon Zoo breeds Condor chicks and sends them to California. "The effort to restore the species, nearly extinct in the 1980's has cost tens of millions of dollars." Somebody came up with the bright idea of a multibillion-dollar Southern California wind industry. Would you believe condors and wind turbines don't mix? Will wind farm owners be held criminally liable if a turbine's spinning blades kill a condor? Condors are a federally protected bird. "Will banks and other investors shy away from financing wind projects for fear that the unauthorized "incidental take" to use the legal language of the federal Endangered Species Act, of a cordor could prompt interruptions in the electricity production, or even lead to the shutdown of wind farms?"

Then there's the on going story of OR-7, who's earned international fame for his travels across Oregon, into California, and headed now to Nevada. In 1995 it was decided to reintroduce wolves into Yellowstone park but the wolves didn't understand the boundary system. They moved into Idaho and now into Oregon. This has caused a lot of anger and hard feelings among those who want to save every wolf and those who want to kill every wolf. OR-7 separated himself from his pack in Oregon and went looking for love in all the wrong places. His travels continue to be of interest to the public but California and Nevada have no interest in introducing wolves to their states. California hasn't had wolves in 90 years and Nevada has never had wolves. Oregon wasn't interested either but they are here now. Now what happens? It's all tied up in the courts where it will be argued for years to come. As I said earlier, it's not easy saving the earth and its inhabitants.

A little Trip to the Seaside

I should mention that over the holidays, our family took a little trip to the seaside. It was very cheap as it was the off season and I have some fabulous pictures to show you. So stick around to see... some are so beautiful! And, as a person who grew up in the Midwest, I am proud to say, I finally saw my very first sea turtles in the ocean... not in a Europe Zoo like I saw last time I went in a vacation with my parents! That was the most incredible part for me! Needless to say, I did not include everything about my past few weeks, but as you can tell even by this small amount of information, it has been busy. I hope you will forgive my absence and continue you to pop by every now and again! It was lovely to be back and I hope you all have a very, very wonderful weekend! P.S. Do you have any questions on anything that I mentioned above that you would like to see a post about? If so, let me know and I will be happy to explain in a longer post.

Is it Really the Dog?

There are times the dogs come back with a story behind them... "This dog is not housbroken. It poops/pees in the house everyday". I then take the dog back wondering why the heck he/she is acting this way b/c the while in the foster home it never had an accident. I then get the dog back and it never has an accident. I start to wonder was the person telling the truth? Was the person not taking the dog out? Was the person leaving the dog alone for too many hours? You really have to wonder why the heck the dog would be perfect in the foster home bad in the adopters home and then fine after it was returned. Then you have the people that say the dog is aggressive or in some case the dog did bite. And this is behavior that you never expected from the dog. I then get these stories from the people on how the dog is aggressive towards the kids and she just doesn't understand why. The dog has been fine and the kids are always wrestling and playing with the dog. I get the dog back and he is 100% fine. You can do anything to him and I have him around kids and nothing. So was the person telling the truth or did the kids do something to the dog that made him fearful of them?

What Claims could You Have from a Rented Car?

It is always good to know your rights no matter the case you're in, more important or not, because only this way you can receive what you deserve against the amount you pay for certain goods or services. The same think happens when you rent a car. You have certain rights on the car and you can benefit from very many advantages if you know about their existence, so that you ask for them. When you call on a rent a car Bucharest company or in any other city in the country, firstly you have the right to receive a car that is in an flawless condition against the price you for it. The car should not be hit, all the signals should work, it should have tyres appropriate for the relevant season, it should be clean and with all due documents up to day. Besides these, that the rent-a-car companies are bound to provide you, you can also ask for additional facilities that should exist on the car delivered to you. 

These are optional and most of the companies do not have them available, but, because there are companies that can provide them, you should not satisfy yourself with less. Therefore, on a leased car you can ask for snow chains if you'll travel in the winter on long or difficult roads. When the weather forecast changes from one minute to another, it is good to ensure to you'll be able to travel under any conditions. The car chair for children is another one of the additional facilities that you can benefit from to be able to carry your child completely safe. The GPS is an important item that could be made available to you when you rent the car to be able to easily reach your destination, even more if the city or country that you're about to drive to is unfamiliar to you. Hence, this is how from a simple rented car you can reach to a fully endowed one, secure and comfortable, by just becoming aware of the availability of these services in the offers of some of the rent-a-car big companies.

How do We Preserve our Children’s Souls?

Okay, so we’ve pretty much lost ours. Our country has been spiralling downward into a cesspool of evil our entire lives, but it seems unlikely that it has ever been worse than now, and does not seem that it will get any better any time soon. So what do we do? The people behind us made the mistake of going to the barricades... and then when victory hung bloody in their jaws, they retreated. They retreated. Thus, the enemy arose far stronger, and perhaps even more evil, than before. On a smouldering mound of the corpses of our brothers and sisters, our enemies’ victims, we may yet cling to some sort of narrow victory by our very fingernails, perhaps missing a limb or an eye. There is still, still much fighting to be done. And not simply the rhetorical armchair fighting by sycophantic sandwich-eating internet hogs such as yours truly, but actual fighting by actual fighters who believe as we do that the purpose of human beings on this earth is not to rape it and each other, but to coexist. Simply to coexist. But we must not make the mistake of retreating into our very own “me decade” like they did. We must behead the demon, fill its fanged mouth with garlic, drive a wooden stake through its heart, and bury it in a sarcophagus of solid marble. And then drop it down the shaft of an abandoned copper mine and seal it off with a bunker buster. We must make the very idea, the very whiff of the idea of our enemies’ ideology to be so repellent that future generations will flay themselves to avoid being tarred with the epithet “neoconservative”. How is that done? Go back to the archives and observe how they did the very same thing to the word “liberal”.

Book Review: Dark Legacy by Anna DeStefano

Title: Dark Legacy, Legacy Series, book 1. Author: Anna DeStefano. Genre: Paranormal thriller. Mass market paperback: 307 pages. Publisher: Love Spell. Review: News Bite. Description: "Die!” scream her nightmares. The voice is her sister’s, the compulsion stronger than any ordinary dream. Maddie Temple can’t go through this again. Her twin is in a coma for the last ten years. Their psychic link was severed. But there’s a lot Maddie doesn’t know about the 200-year-old curse on her family, about the shadowy group that wants to exploit the Temple powers for themselves, about the sexy psychiatrist offering to help her. The only way to find the answers antd avoid being pulled into the abyss of madness is to trust her heart and confront her. My Review: Well, I got this book after swearing off Paranormal Romances. I have a feeling I may not stick to my vow of avoiding them. I saw it and said, "Mmmm, this can't be a PNR. There isn't a (half) naked man in sight!" Not that I am complaining about naked men, but I do shy away from those covers due to my preconceived notion that the insides contain mind numbing (or mushing) fluff. This book is beyond repetitive. I was coaxing the book, "Yeah, yeah baby, I get it. Let's be gettin' to the good stuff." The nightmares mere so damn! I am not super dense, I do grasp things after I am told a time or two. If so much of this material was going to be repeated you would have hoped for some variety. Right? 

Dark legacy

So that was extremely frustrating as well as a yawn fest. The romance was weird. No chemistry. And the s3x was funky (of what I read of it. I admit I skimmed this book after a bit) and not actually real. I always think it is strange that a love interest doesn't run when the first sign of crazy pops up. You don't know this person and suddenly they are pushing you away and/or acting mentally deranged. Maybe they are even physically harming you. I guess the love interest/other person needs to be a little bit psycho too, yeah? "I don't mind that you stabbed me, baby. Because deep down I know we are meant to be. Just stay on your meds". There were four POVs. The main character, Maddie (I see her as the true main). The love interest dude (whatever his name was). A doctor man, who is experimenting on and in love with Maddie's crazy and violent sister. The sister (whatever her name is, really don't care). Hated most, okay make that all, of the POVs. I felt like I didn't know or even care about the characters half way through. I actually disliked (intensely) the doc and the sister after a bit. Maddie and loverboy were just too bland and flat too feel anything expect annoyed. As I said in my goodreads review, I got a bit of a kick in the junk after the being put through this non-eventful book and then they tell us that it isn't really over, there still is evil brewing. Kill me now! I hate those kind of endings. Definitely not encourage me to read the second in the series. Especially with what I got the first time. Rating: Did not finish. Read at your own risk. Brain leakage may occur, so stuff some cotton balls in your ears if you do take the risk and read this book.